Face to face or online counselling?

Traditionally, counselling is carried out face-to-face, which most clients find extremely helpful as they can see and feel the counsellor's support and understanding. However, sometimes clients may want to have counselling remotely, using programs such as Skype (VOIP) or an instant messaging (IM) package.

People may choose online counselling because of their distance from a therapist, mobility issues, long term illness, agoraphobia or they may wish to supplement their face-to-face counselling due to frequent travelling with work. Working this way still requires regular contact (weekly) as this is key to progress and good support for the client.

How to begin?

My fees are £40 for a sixty minute session, either Skype video or instant messaging. I offer a pre-paid discount package rate (4 sessions) of £140 (£35 per session). If you think you would like some online counselling, please click here for more information