How can counselling or
psychotherapy help you?

Feeling overwhelmed, out of control or that nobody understands you is a common experience. Most people encounter periods of difficulty and confusion as they journey through life. We all know that talking helps, but it can be very difficult, embarrassing or even counterproductive talking to family and friends about some things.

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you work through difficult life stages, come to terms with change or loss and help you find better ways of problem-solving by supporting you to look at your life from a different perspective. Talking to somebody impartial can help you see "the wood from the trees". Advice is not offered, the counsellor is merely a guide, so any decisions will be your own.

What's the difference?

Counselling tends to be shorter-term and deals with specific here-and-now issues such as bereavement, relationship and work difficulties etc.

Psychotherapy deals with more deep-seated problems to do with our way of being in the world, and such as repeated patterns of unhelpful behaviour or thoughts like "I don't deserve happiness", "Nobody could ever love me", "Everybody abandons me eventually" etc. Therefore it tends to be longer-term.

In simple terms, if you thought of your mental health as a house, counselling would be an interior decorator helping you to choose new wallpaper or curtains, whereas therapy would be a structural engineer helping to move a wall or add a new window.